Terms Of Use

Members are divided into “Private” and “Store”. If you buy and sell watches as a private person, you can register as a “private member” for free. If you sell watches as a store, you can register as a “certified store”, which is also free. In the near future, we will provide more unique and high-quality services to different users.

After registering as a “Private Member”, you can apply to become a “Certified Store”. To apply to become a certified store, please send an email to info@watchgod.com to apply and leave your contact information. We will have dedicated colleagues to contact you.

Note: Approval takes a minimum of 1-3 working days to complete.

Steps to publish a sales list (the method is the same for private and store)


  1. Register as a “Private Member” or “Certified Store”.
  2. Use phone or email and enter password to log in.
  3. Click “Sell” in the upper right corner of the website page.
  4. Fill in the actual condition information of the watch and upload the actual picture of the watch.
  5. First review the disclaimer, click the box on the left after agreeing, and then click “Publish” to complete.
  6. Click “User Name” on the upper right corner of the website page to enter the seller's page, which provides different functions, including one-click quotation, modification of personal information or product status (selling price and sale status), etc.

One-click quotation function

The one-click quotation function is a new and unique feature in the “WatchGod.com” watch trading platform. Private sellers can send messages about the dials they are selling to various stores at once to inquire about the store’s recycling price. The store recycling price will not be made public, only the private seller will know.

  • Private sellers can accept offers but cannot bid on other private sellers or certified stores.
  • Certified stores can bid on and accept offers from private seller watch dials.
  • The “One-Click Quotation” function button will be on the “My Product List” page and will only be displayed on the private seller page.
  • After the private seller clicks on the watch that needs to be quoted, click the “One-click Quotation” button at the top of the watch face, and a window for selecting a quote from a certified store will pop up. Click on the certified store you want to get a quote from (you can select multiple), and click OK to confirm the certification. The store will receive a WhatsApp message sent by the system. The content of the message will instruct the certified store to enter the page where the watch needs to be quoted. The certified store can click “Quote” on the product page and enter the price. (Note: This message comes from our system. The certified merchant needs to go to the product page “Quotation” and cannot quote the price in the whatsapp message)
  • After the certified store enters the price and confirms it, only the seller can view the price.
  • Private sellers can view the price quoted for each product on the “My Product List” page.
  • Certified stores can only quote the same product once every 48 hours.
  • After the certified store quotes, it will be automatically logged in as “My Wish List” and can be seen in the personal profile, and you can check the amount you bid for the watch.

Product listing rules

Any products that violate the listing rules will be removed from the platform by the administrator. Users who violate the regulations may also be subject to relevant penalties, including restricted trading rights or permanent suspension of the account.

Prohibited items or inappropriate services are prohibited

It is strictly prohibited to post any dangerous, inappropriate or illegal products on the platform.

Respect the intellectual property rights of others. Therefore, all products that infringe the intellectual property rights of others will be removed by the administrator. Please ensure that you are the legal owner of the product images and content, and that you are solely responsible for the accuracy and source of all products.

Duplicate/identical products are prohibited from being posted

Each product is listed only once to maintain a fair market and allow users to browse happily.

Listing products in different categories in your other accounts or in different cities in a country will also be considered duplicate listings.

Use relevant keywords

When describing details, only use keywords related to the product to provide all users with a good shopping environment. Please do not use words that are not related to the product, or use a large number of keywords to affect the buyer's search results.

Do not lead users away from “Watchgod”

You can put links to product information and promote your products, but please do not import them to other e-commerce platforms.

Items that are purely promotional and not intended for sale are prohibited

“WatchGod” is a platform for buying and selling watches. Every item offered for sale should be a watch.

The following are examples of disallowed postings:

  • The main purpose of posting is to promote your brand or company and does not sell specific products.
  • All items for sale are mentioned without any details.
  • “Like if you like it” is a posting item that describes the content.

Please contact our team at ads@watchgod.com if you are interested in promoting your brand on our platform.

Use only 1 account for all transactions

We encourage each user to use only one account, which will increase trust among users in the community and help you be more successful in selling.

Mark the correct product price

The price of the product represents the price you want to sell it at, and “WatchGod” does not allow users to set false or unreasonable prices.

Post correct product images


Images must be representative of the watches you sell, and users are encouraged to take actual images.

Please take photos of defective/damaged areas of the product so that buyers can clearly understand before purchasing. It will help you build trust with potential buyers, avoid value gaps, and achieve faster and more efficient transactions. Please avoid uploading low-resolution images.

The following images will not be allowed to be published on “WatchGod”:

  • Images downloaded from the Internet (unless the owner gives you permission)
  • Images uploaded by other users (unless the owner gives you permission)
  • Contains offensive or provocative content, such as models wearing intimate products (underwear)
  • Content completely unrelated to selling watches

Authentic and detailed product descriptions

Providing relevant details about your product is very important in your product description, and we encourage you to fill in a complete and accurate description. Be sure to know the status of your item, we have provided you with the correct description. This will help you build trust with potential buyers, save time and result in a faster and more efficient transaction.

Any defamatory content is prohibited

Posting any offensive content such as defamation, personal attacks or harassment is strictly prohibited. and must not contain any personal data about the user.

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